Ethiopia Gogugu


This washed coffee is alluring and easy to sip, casting the focus on delicate floral and dark fruit notes. Its unique depth reveals layers of blackberry, rose, and bergamot tea.

The Gogugu washing station is tucked away in the village of Wate Gogugu in the Ugo Begne forest, the southernmost forest of the Uraga region. Here they produce a truly remarkable coffee. The mill is run and managed by Kedir Jebril, who keeps a meticulous process in place. First, the coffee is depulped, then moved into washing channels to remove any remaining mucilage, and moved again into soaking tanks for another 24 hours.

PRODUCER: Kedir Jebril
LOCATION: Guji Uraga, Ethiopia
VARIETAL: Ethiopia Landraces
ALTITUDE: 2,000 – 2,280 MASL

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