Brazil Fazenda Furnas


This Brazilian coffee is rich and layered with nuanced tones of toffee and honey. Silky mouthfeel with muted acidity. Walnut finish.

Rinaldo de Castro Junqueria is the owner of the 280 hectar Fazenda Furnas. His great grandfather was a laborer on a coffee farm, and his grandfather was the first in the family become a coffee farm owner, which was inherited in segments to his family. Rinaldo and his father sold that farm and invested in a 100 year old plot of land with better potential for producing specialty coffee. It was here that Rinaldo's passion got him elected as president of the local coffee growers association, COCARIVE, and chosen as a finalist in several Cup of Excellence competitions.

PRODUCER: Rinaldo de Castro Junqueria
LOCATION: Pedralva, Carmo de Minas, Minas Gerais
PROCESS: Natural
VARIETAL: Yellow Bourbon
ALTITUDE: 950 – 1350 MASL

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