Brazil Mariana de Carvalho


This naturally processed coffee is soft and mellow, presenting a traditional Brazilian terrior. Chocolate and nougat up front with lemony brightness illuminating the cup. Full bodied, nuanced, balanced.

Mariana de Carvalho Junqueira inherited this farm in 1954, but it has been a part of her family since 1896. Though coffee plants had been on the property at the time she inherited the farm they didn't come into focus until the late 1970's. The first harvest under new ownership was of 20,000 Yellow Catuai trees, which covered eight hectares. The coffee area now spans 35 hectares and includes several coffee varietals. Since the shift in attention to coffee plants on the farm, picking, processing, and drying have tremendously improved. The farm was recognized in the early 2000's by the Brazil Specialty Coffee Association for it's high quality production.

PRODUCER: Mariana de Carvalho Junqueira
LOCATION: Dom Vicoso, Mantiqueira de Minas
PROCESS: Natural
VARIETAL: Yellow Bourbon, Yellow Catuai, Yellow Icatu, Acaia
ALTITUDE: 950 – 1420 MASL

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