Colombia Inga Aponte


This complex, honey processed Colombian coffee opens with a wave of tropical fruit and mellow acidity. Dry mango, red apple, and honeysuckle are at the forefront, cast across a silky body.

This honey processed coffee is produced in Colombia by various smallholder farms in the Aponte community. For years this community remained isolated high in the mountains. In the 1990's the Inga refuge became a place of cruelty and locals were being forcibly involved in poppy and heroin production under the influence of guerrilla groups, drug traffickers and paramilitaries. The Ingas were trapped within these violent and illegal plantations until as recently as ten years ago. In the last decade the mountains have become a safe zone. Illegal crops were eradicated, giving way to a new coffee culture. Their high elevation combined with nutrient–rich volcanic ash makes for an exceptionally complex and sweet coffee.

PRODUCER: Various smallholder farms
LOCATION: Nariño, Colombia
PROCESS: Honey processed

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