Colombia Finca Los Alpes


A caramelly body with light acidity accentuates tasting notes of stone fruit, tamarind and brown sugar. Polished and subtly sweet with a clean finish.

This coffee is sourced from Finca los Alpes, located within the municipality of Bolivar in Antioquia, Colombia. Elvia Lucia Puerta and her husband, Jose Argiro Arboleda, own and manage the farm with their children and grandchildren. The Arboleda family uses their milling facilities at Los Alpes to support smaller scale coffee producers in the region, which includes a program called Coffee Connections designed to assist producers through training aimed at improving quality and earns for their coffee.

PRODUCER: Elvia Lucia Puerta and her husband, Jose Argiro Arboleda
LOCATION: Antioquia, Colombia
ALTITUDE: 1,740 - 2,000 MASL

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