El Salvador Finca Nogales


Chocolate, caramel, and nougat reign supreme in the Finca Nogales. A creamy body with subdued acidity makes for a warm and balanced cup.

Finca Nogales is owned by family company Aviles Pacas Hermanos, located in the Potrero Grande Arriba, on the slopes of the Santa Ana volcano. The farm is highly regarded and has been historically known as a model farm due to its high coffee production, and for exhibiting a keen sense of social responsibility. It has provided a source of work and safety for the surrounding communities in an area where there is an abscence of any public transportation and crime that confronts locals on a regular basis. Efforts are being focused on specialty arabica varietals and quality improvement.

PRODUCER: Aviles Pacas Hermanos family
LOCATION: Santa Ana Zone, El Salvador
VARIETAL: Pink Bourbon

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