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Ethiopia Worka Sakaro

Ethiopia Worka Sakaro

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Vibrant and floral, this coffee brings layered complexity to a light body. Stone fruit, citrus rind, and raspberry carry through to a crisp, sweet caramel finish.

Producers, Worasa Mijane and his son Daniel Mijane are famous for the quality of their coffee throughout the Gedeb region, which is the most southern Yirgacheffe coffee growing area. This selection comes from their Worka Sakaro washing station, and it’s a testament to their dedication of producing nothing but the best.


Region: Gedeb Yirgacheffe

Producer: Daniel Mijane

Harvest: November - January 2019/2020

Washing Station: Worka Sakaro

Elevation: 1900 - 2200 MASL

Varieties: Jarc Indigenous Heirloom Landrace

Processing Method: Washed 

Drying Method: 24 - 48hrs wet fermentation, 10-14 days raised drying beds 

Sourced: La Baia Coffee Supply

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