Off The Grid @ Fort Mason this Friday 3/14

Hey everyone,


RoastCo's gearing up for our Off The Grid debut over at Fort Mason this Friday, March 14. The event's scheduled for the nighttime, between 5pm and 11pm. It's going to be beautiful, it's going to be fun and it'll probably be super dreamy. Come by if you're in the area and say hi – we'll be serving up Las Claveles, El Salvador on our modded three-group, lever-pull Astoria and spinning milk drinks with milk from St. Benoit Creamery. We also couldn't be any more excited about our dawning collaboration with our friends from Sugar Knife, and we'll be featuring their – well, whatever, they're the best marshmallows we've ever had; find out for yourselves. We'll be offering them with any drink you like, but they're perhaps most magical and melty in a hot chocolate. Oh, and the folks from Off The Grid have decided to set up such harbor-side entertainment as Ski Ball and shuffleboard to liven up what should be a pretty frothy mix of Friday night revelry. Check out the buzz below or just cruise by.




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