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RoastCo is a small batch specialty coffee roaster offering both single origin and blended coffees from farms around the world. We are proudly based in Oakland, California and open for visitors Monday through Friday. Founder and Master Roaster Alex Roberts has been roasting coffee since 1996 with the belief that while there are always new styles to incorporate into coffee preparation, the basic craft of developing the unique flavors within green coffee remains the same.


In selecting the finest green coffees, RoastCo pays special attention to the conditions under which they are grown and processed. We work closely with producers and importers to promote sustainable farming communities and coffee cultivation, all of which you can taste in every coffee we roast. As we grow as a company, we have the opportunity to travel to source, where we develop and expand our network of direct trade relationships. From our rotating stock of single origin coffees, we are proud to single out and feature those coffees we have discovered and purchased through such friendships and collaborations. From subsidizing the construction of improved wet mills to sharing our cupping knowledge with these farmers, we are honored to contribute towards the combined and interrelated improvements in quality of life and coffee.


We roast all coffee to order on a 1960s cast iron, German-made Probat UG-22. All coffees are roasted individually to ensure consistent quality and optimal flavor profiles. We roast to showcase the natural, unique characters present within each coffee and in a way where these characters are brought to the fore in their most fully developed, clearest expression. Our roast method emphasizes the full development of deep source flavor, and from our coffees you can expect to find a clear expression of nuanced acidity balanced with the weight of coffee’s natural sweetness.


RoastCo Coffee Roasters

1024 9th Avenue

Oakland, CA 94606


Open Weekdays 9am – 5pm

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