Specialty grade coffee can easily fall to commodity level quality if brewed inadequately. At RoastCo, we insist upon customizing a training schedule for your business. We recommend that your education begin at our roaster, where you have the opportunity to learn about our sourcing practices, roasting methods, and brewing styles. We will help orient you to espresso extraction and milk texturing, along with any other brew method you are considering for your establishment. We offer follow–up, in–house training to ensure that you feel comfortable and proficient applying our methods to your equipment. Our door is always open for drop–in practice and professional pointers from our resident baristas.


Alex’s extensive experience in sourcing both coffee and equipment allows RoastCo to provide customized installation and servicing at the best prices possible. Following installation, RoastCo implements a maintenance calendar to ensure your equipment’s performance, reliability, and longevity. Any business owner will attest to the importance of having ready access to assistance when things go awry. Here at RoastCo, we are dedicated to making your coffee or equipment emergency our first priority. Alex’s years of technical fluency, in all equipment of the trade, translate to you having on–call technicians if the need should arise. We rest our reputation on being available and dependable. We pledge to provide not only the best coffee you can serve, but also the best service for your establishment.

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